"Gwenne. It's so swish."
Heather, 34

(We don't know what swish is, but Heather's happy.)

Welcome to Gwenne.

I wanted to take this space to personally welcome you to Gwenne. I am so proud of what we have been able to build, and with whom we have been able to build it. Gwenne is an exceptional place of elegance, warmth, style, and dignity where New York's finest people can meet each other in a way that is completely secure and comfortable. AND FUN.

Why Gwenne.

Traditional dating services enjoy a long and successful history. On line dating services are enjoying a tremendous increase in awareness and poularity. But what is missing is the mix of both. With a traditional dating service, clients enjoy the intangible - the human element. With online dating services, clients can search for themselves, at their convenience. But what if you were to have both?

That is what Gwenne is. The combination of intuition and technology. The reintroduction of the human element. The infusion of elegance and fun. And the best results, the best process, anywhere.

Two Invitations.
Allow me to invite you twice. First, please accept my invitation to join Gwenne. Our staff and services are singular, our experience is graceful, and the people you will meet are extraordinary.

After you have joined, I invite you to contact me any time, about any aspect of your Gwenne membership. I really enjoy hearing the stories I am being told about Gwenne, and the quality relationships that result from our introductions. I cannot wait to hear yours.

Please either call me at (212) 551-3612, or write me at your convenience.

Enjoy Gwenne - we are very pleased you are here.